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Eating Celebrities


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Welcome to eating_celebs, a journal filled with recipes that tell you how to cook and consume various celebrities in a tasty way.

This LJ was created in good fun as the result of post-'O'level exam stress; we are not cannibals in real life, and hope that neither are you. In the off-chance that a real cannibal comes across this journal and is inspired to go on a celebrity-killing-and-eating spree using the recipes within the pages of this LJ, we hold no responsibility for his or her actions.

Feel free to friend this journal. It will be updated fairly regularly, school workload permitting.

Please avoid leaving comments along the lines of how you bet so-and-so will taste horrible. If a meal fails to satisfy one's tastebuds, more often than not it is the cook that is to blame and not the meat. Or the recipe-writer, for that matter.